Become a Member of the Association des cimetières chrétiens du Québec

Joining the Association

Cemeteries and Dioceses:
Membership Benefits

If you are part of a group of Christian cemeteries, or dioceses or archdioceses diocesan cemeteries, here are the many advantages of becoming a member of our association:

  • being a part of the most important group of cemetery managers in Quebec;
  • having your cemetery listed in the Association’s membership directory, giving you access to all their skills and knowledge;
  • benefiting from a stronger representation with the various governmental authorities in regards to funeral sector legislation;
  • being able to use the Association’s vector logo on your stationery to proudly display your membership;
  • having access to the member price when registering for the annual convention, conferences, seminars and training workshops presented by the Association; and
  • receiving your electronic copy of the Trait d’union newsletter.

Here are our Partners’
Membership Benefits

You can become an association member if you are:

  • a manufacturer and repairer of monuments, mausoleums, columbaria, crematory ovens, mechanical descenders, or cremation boxes;
  • a supplier of urns, porcelain photos, statues, marble, granite, bronze, concrete, excavating machinery, or fences;
  • a monument engraver;
  • an arborist;
  • a landscape architect;
  • a notary;
  • a lawyer;
  • an accountant;
  • a surveyor;
  • a funeral home;
  • an association or organization working in the funeral sector.

Joining the Association des cimetières chrétiens du Québec will let you enjoy these many benefits:

  • priority access to all sponsorship and advertising programs and exhibit booths at the annual convention;
  • access to the computerized membership list and, upon approval of the Executive Committee, being able to send a press release to all members on the Association’s electronic mailing list;
  • being able to carry out direct mailing during the twice-per-year Trait d’union newsletter mailing (right granted exclusively to Association members), with a monetary contribution and the Executive’s committee approval of the advertisement; and
  • electronic copy of the Trait d’union newsletter.

Do You Have Questions About Your Membership?